About Us

Our association was first established in 1927 in Kazlicesme under the name of Turkish Tanneries Union. In 1975 our name was changed to Turkish Leather Industrialists Association. The center of the association is located in Istanbul Leather Organized Industrial Zone, Tuzla-Istanbul.

Turkish Leather Industrialists Association, a real person who leather industrialist to have made their profession has adopted or continuous art, gathering the leather industry around the purpose of improvement to be useful in raising the economic level of the country, to increase its international competitiveness, association members to ensure a safe work environment to be in solidarity with each other and to facilitate aims to serve the establishment and development of this industry.

Turkish Leather Industrialists Association, the professional and social needs of leather industry, contribute to help the development of the industry and has been adopted as a principle to identify issues that will be needed and helping to organize the relevant laws and regulations in line with the search for solutions and solve the problems of the leather industry by establishing contact with the appropriate authorities.