About Us

Turkish Leather Industrialists Association

Turkish Leather Industrialists Association (TLIA) is a prominent and influential organization that serves as the collective voice of the Turkish leather industry, representing the interests of its members and fostering the growth and development of the sector.

Established in 1927, TLIA has been at the forefront of promoting and advancing the Turkish leather industry, both domestically and internationally. By bringing together industry players under one unified platform, TLIA plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of the Turkish leather sector.

TLIA's primary objectives revolve around promoting innovation, sustainability, and competitiveness within the Turkish leather industry. TLIA actively collaborate with government institutions, industry experts, and international organizations to advocate for favorable policies, address industry challenges, and support the implementation of sustainable practices.

As an association, TLIA is committed to providing its members with a range of benefits and opportunities. These include:

Representation and Advocacy: TLIA represents the collective interests of its members by engaging with relevant stakeholders, participating in industry forums, and advocating for policies that support the growth and competitiveness of the Turkish leather industry.

Networking and Collaboration: TLIA facilitates networking opportunities, enabling members to forge valuable connections, explore potential partnerships, and share knowledge and best practices.

Information and Research: TLIA keeps its members informed about the latest industry trends, market developments, and regulatory changes through regular updates, newsletters, and research publications. TLIA aima to provide its members with timely and accurate information to make informed business decisions.

Training and Education: TLIA organizes training programs, workshops, and seminars to enhance the technical skills and knowledge of industry professionals. These initiatives help our members stay abreast of emerging technologies, production techniques, and quality standards.

International Promotion and Market Access: TLIA actively participates in international trade fairs, exhibitions, and business missions to promote Turkish leather products globally. TLIA strive to create opportunities for its members to access new markets, establish international partnerships, and expand their export capabilities.